Mae & Asun’s Wedding

My long time friend got married to her sweetheart in October 2008 and I had the privilege to be there and be part of her entourage. I even willingly offered myself as the ‘unofficial’ photographer which gave me access to run around her house and the church! The only thing is, this is one of the first public appearance I made with a borrowed dslr and most guests thought I WAS the official photographer!


2 responses to “Mae & Asun’s Wedding

  1. What a beautiful couple (and photos)!

    Thank you for sharing this (although seeing wedding photos with pretty bride & handsome husband makes me feel like a loser most of the time) and for the inspiration on Twitter you’ll never know.

    • Hi Ninie

      Hahahaha.. though I dont know you to smack you.. I would! Hahahahaha.. Kidding. What LOSER?! You must be kidding me. I envy you! You NO LOSER. You have a belief that goes beyond what I could amass in a lifetime! You probably could stand with one hand and still have time to flip the TV channel with the other.. gotta teach me that pose.. I definitely know my tummy would give way first.. *sigh*.. and umm.. yes.. you’ll never know.

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