Eat and be merry

I had my dose of 21km LSD last Sunday as part of my full marathon training for the upcoming Borneo International Marathon flagging off on the 4th May 2014. I paced with Milly for the whole distance though I had to slow down on the final 3-4km stretch when I felt a sharp pain on my right hip.

Once we reached the Complex’s carpark I was totally drenched and thirsty since I drank all my fluids (iskiate brew) on the last few meters. I finished off almost a liter of iskiate brew from my bottle and 24-ounce of Accelerade. Thirst quenched. Now I’m hungry! And where better than a spanking buffet at Hyatt..

Eat away you animal!


Dim sums, baby kailan with crab meat & soft shell crab



I never leave Hyatt without having a slice of this roasted lamb ribs


Seafood chowder.. since I’m here, why not


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