Bare essential

If you asked me about what shoes to wear, what brand is better and why, and a whole truck loads of other shoe-related questions, I will fail miserably.

Early on, for months I’ve been walking, jogging with my ever dependable Adidas trainer, which has undergo ‘surgery’ to fix some major tearing to its’ sole (soul?). My first serious running shoe was the New Balance Minimus Trail MT10RD, which look like this:


This was recommended by my cousins. You see, I don’t have a ‘running father figure’ to look up to. But that will be a different story all together.

After that I upgraded to another Minimus, with was ‘built’ specifically for road running. Then I got amazed with the Vibram and how cool it looked. I don’t give much weight on technicalities. As long as the shoes fits me right, feels comfy and available, I’m all for it.

I finally got my first pair of Vibram last year (2013) and my second came shortly after. These are fun shoes to run with and obviously I’ve been getting my fair share of gazes from passerby since these babies are just too weird to some people, which I think demonstrate how cool it is (or silly, depending on which side of the fence you’re at).

For those who wonder (since wondering is a good thing), I do have a cushioned shoe, a trail shoe – the Brooks’ Cascadia-8. Have yet to unleash its full potential though, will do so after the Borneo Marathon. Would have to take it easy on this big guy since my last outing, I injured my calf. My physio diagnosis – shoe transition.

Well, summer of 2014 is here and a whole bunch of new shoes will soon flood our shores. I have my eyes set on either the ever gorgeous VFF’s or the handsome NB Minimus Zero v2.

Whichever it is, they will surely enjoy the ride..



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