The Chosen One?

And finally, he’s gone. After strings of record breaking results, David Moyes was finally sacked. As a United fan, surely I wanted stability and most importantly : results. Good, I-can-sleep-in-peace results. I must admit, for the past few months, I have not been a good supporter of the team. I rarely stay up late for matches relying on pop-ups to let me know the scores for one sole reason : I have to wake up early for my morning runs. Guess I know where my priority lies.

I believe successful people surround themselves with excellent, able lieutenants. I don’t think Moyes’ Steve Round, Phil Neville are those people. Ryan Giggs, perhaps. But letting go the likes of Mike Phelan, Rene Meulensteen, Eric Steele – able people with winning mentalities are the key to his downfall.

Yes, the players are partly to blame. But these are seasoned ‘fighters’ – whom went to countless battles and won. And won. AND WON! And in come a new General and all of a sudden the spirit dwindles. Not very much your typical King Leonidas eh? Good Generals inspire and can rally even the smallest of troops. When you have season fighters sent to war and got bludgeoned senselessly – something is not right. Its either self-inflicted or bad leadership. I believe it was both. None of the players would want to follow Moyes to battle. So what’s the best option? Get him kicked out. Remember, nobody is bigger than the Club – so say Fergie. And despite his self-righteousness to hand-pick Moyes as his successor, nobody is bigger than the Club – Not even Fergie. And when the Club speak, the ax will drop.

Fergie DO make selection blunders in the past. And I believe Moyes was the worse one. Djemba-Djemba, Kleberson are amongst potential stars that faded at United. The present squad has been having their blips for sometime. Everybody knows that. I bet Moyes knows it too. What makes it worse was how dramatically they were exposed when Moyes took the helm.

Now, let see if Giggsy can fare any better.. I believe he can, after all, he is another Chosen One 😉



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