Borneo International Marathon 2015 – The longest marathon ever!

So BIM2015 came and went. Leaving behind trail of memories to cherish. Since I’m not very much good with words, I’ll break it down to several pointers based on my personal experience from training to the actual race itself.

So how did I do? Actually I did better. Much much better from my previous 2 marathons. I clocked in (unofficially) at 5:06:45. I was however aimed to complete in less than 5 hours but cramps got to me first and I was already on a run-walk motion from 1 Borneo and by then it was all mental.

Now, should I decided to go for another shot at the now elusive sub-5 here are the 5+1 things I (meaning ME) should improve on:

  1. Training – Not much problem here accept for the past few weeks I had plantar fasciitis so I modified my training program, ditched my tempo & speedwork training and opted to running/hiking on hills. Whether that contributed to anything, I can’t tell for sure but I might stick to the plan next time to clock in more distance. I would also ‘slow’ my training pace down to 7-7:30 min/km during my LSD runs and allow more time for strength training.
  2. Diet – Yes I’ve cut my eating potion substantially but not so much on what I eat. My major issue was cramps therefore I need to address the problem. But first, I need to ascertain what caused it. Roughly I can assume it’s due to fluid intake or lack of it. So I might get more fluids in or consume food with high water content prior to the race (weeks or months even?). *No, I won’t consider Kangen water as a potential solution just yet until I do more research on it. Personally I still take energy bar before a long run and that seems to work, so I’ll stick to that for now.
  3. Fluid – Race day hydration – to bring or not to bring a bottle filled with fluid either electrolyte or plain water? Need to train NOT to rely too much and strategised with the water station during race day. According to Vlad (Ixel), too much water too can contribute to muscle spasm, and he may be right. I was doing OK during the first half of the race drinking only at the WS either from my own bottle or the WS but I probably didn’t get the water/electrolyte balance right. My fluid intake strategy at the beginning was, electrolyte until the 20-21st km and water for the remainder since I will start taking gels then (my other assumption was that my energy bar would last 20-21 km). Thing started to get out of hand when I took more fluid at one WS and that’s when the first spasm occurred.
  4. Footwear – Yes, I wore my Vibram Five Fingers Bikila Evo and survived! There are pros and cons to it though. The pros, I feel lighter on my feet, movement was much better. The cons, well.. 42km of hard surface MAY have an effect on the muscles once it got tired. Although to my surprise I hardly stepped on any stones/pebbles which I normally did during my LSDs. Nevertheless, I’m considering to get an alternative road running shoe with a bit more protection to my sole (soul too!).
  5. Mental – Boy, do I need this one a lot! A WHOLE F**KING LOT! The final 2km was proof that I can overcome any adversary (sic. cramps!). With muscle spasm wriggling on both my legs up to my hip, I just pushed forward and ran my ass off until the finished line! In other words, how bad I want it? (Read: Finish in good time) Since I couldn’t get the sub-5, I set it out that I DO NOT want to reach beyond 5:15! So that’s the tempo/speedwork training kicking in 😉
  6. *BONUS* – Salonpas spray – In addition to the 5 items above, Salonpas can also be a life saver. Though I didn’t bring it this time (I did for Sundown).. Could opt to bring next time IF space allows – I don’t really fancy having load of stuff to carry. Hence I might drop the water bottle next time too..

   Seems that pretty much it. I won’t dwell into all the ‘dramas’ during the whole 42km (mine read 43km and more!) since I would rather keep that for my own sentimental satisfaction, if such thing exist 😉

Until then, its back to training and coming up… its THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THING 2015 (TMBT) in August.

Oh hello again. Yes. Just an update. The official results is out – how I scored?

 That’s 155 out of 551 runners. Not bad. I still want that elusive sub-5 though.


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